My passion,

I have been a photographer for over 10 years and I've learned to appreciate all the small things. Through my lens, I capture special moments, with true emotion and translate them into art. I love to show real life. These are moments we will treasure forever. While a lot of wedding and event photographers rely heavily on staged, contrived pictures, that to me stifles creativity and was never my thing.  I have always approached photographing events much more in the vein of documentary reportage.  I capture the story, I don’t create it, letting the narrative of an event unfold.


If you want fun, unique, artistic portraits, then we’ll make a great team! If you are looking for perfect poses with perfect hair and perfect smiles… then I’m not for you. I want to capture those little moments that are special to you. True interactions, true emotions. Your images will tell the story of you. I will guide you through the shoot but I always encourage my clients to be themselves and have a good time with each other. By using natural light and unique locations, we capture artwork that could never be created in a studio.

Everyone is photogenic, it just takes the right photographer to capture it. 

                                                        Thank you

                                                  Nathaniel E. Buntyn